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Personalised USB Sticks

The Custom USB Key: Beyond a Data Storage Medium

Innovation in digital data backup has really advanced with USB drives. These storage devices can be connected to a Universal Serial Bus port on any technology device. Better than a simple device, original USB keys more fun that look like you will accompany you every day to carry everywhere your data.

Introducing a traditional USB key

Floppy disk times are over, with the arrival of more convenient storage media. Less bulky, they have traditionally the appearance of small square, round or rectangular objects with a USB tip, can easily fit in a small pocket without attracting attention.

Of varying capacities (1GB, 2GB ... 16GB ... 32GB ...), you can store more and more personal and professional data. It is a very poor component in mechanical elements, its flash memory also gives it the advantage of being resistant to shocks. You can now find more convenient ports on different computers or even on other music devices.

What uses of this mobile device

The USB drive usually has two functions

  • Data storage: It makes it easier to save files from any system with a USB port, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones ... It will be sufficient to connect this device on your computer, then select the data to back up on your computer to finally move them to your key. The flash memory of this one will allow an optimal conservation of your data which you can have at any time. Be more trendy with USB sticks models that look like no other key.
  • Data transfer: The USB key allows you to have your data at any time. Indeed, you can transport and use your files on various technological devices: Hi-Fi system, headphones, mobile phone, computer ...

    The fun USB key: Have a custom and customizable key

    Many users are of the opinion that original USB sticks are the way to make this traditionally innocuous tool a real visual communication object. Since he will accompany you constantly, why not give him a style that reflects your personality, your tastes, your professional activity or just a particular effect that would pique curiosity?

    We offer fun USB key with sometimes surprising colors and shapes. In the form of a sperm, a rose, an inch, a pig, a tooth or a camper to name just a few examples. In a public or private place, your original USB key will act in parallel like a vector of emotion or a brand image. You will never see this device again, and you will not hesitate to post it in public any more.

    Replace your usb key with another that has a new look with a more pronounced design. All the usb personalized keys and marketed on our site are of quality and perfectly functional. Choosing a high-performance, inexpensive 3D printing USB key is a unique storage medium.

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