Do you remember something?

I'll give you the solution so you never have to worry about inserting a USB key the first time.

Have you ever taken the time to look at the metal part of a USB drive in detail?

You will see that both sides are different:

  • One side with 2 open holes and the USB symbol.
  • And on the other side you will find 2 closed holes and a metal joint.

It is obviously the side with the 2 open holes that allows the insertion of a USB key in the right direction! The 2 open holes to be up.

That's one less worry! ...

But you'll tell me, how do I do when the USB ports on my computer are vertical?

The metal seam I mentioned above must be inserted on the right side of your computer so that your USB key will fit properly the first time! (And so the open holes on the left side)

This time, you're really getting rid of this problem! You go to bed so less stupid tonight, and can say goodbye to the annoyance aroused by the insertion sense of a USB key! ...

What? One more remark? In the case of USB drives that do not have holes and joins?

Looking for the little beast! In this case, the direction of insertion of the USB key happens to be with the copper up for a horizontal USB port and to the left for a vertical USB port.

You can now quietly insert your USB flash drives ...

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